How to edit label text in civil 3d

cable pulling equipment
I'm having a problem editing alignment and point labels . I've drawn several alignments (exist. streams, exist. penstock, proposed bridge alternatives) in C3D but haven't been able to change the text height of the labels for alignment stationing, alignment.
2017. 4. 26. · Go to Surface Properties and select a style that shows the points. Otherwise, the option ‘Points’ will not be available in the next step. Select the surface and, on the contextual ribbon, click on ‘Extract Objects’. That will insert AutoCAD points in the drawing from the surface. Modify your point settings so you don’t have to hit ...
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2018. 2. 7. · Civil 3D will still want to change the size of the label based on the drawing scale, but then we counteract that by dividing the label by the same amount. Label Composition. When composing the label, when selecting the
Many times, the labels we apply to Civil 3D objects reflect the data associated with a selected entity. While this is nice, it’s important to note that Civi...